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About The Jackson Posse

The Jackson Posse is a group of long-term All My Children viewers and Walt Willey fans devoted to Jack & Erica being together forever.  We love Jack, we love Erica, and we especially love them together.  Most of us have been watching AMC since the show's first year, and as such, have seen all of Erica's various and sundry romances.  We are inalterably convinced that Susan Lucci has never had a better leading man than Walt Willey, and that Walt deserves nothing less than the best leading lady in daytime.

The birthplace of the Jackson Posse was the AMC message boards of America Online (AOL).  In about the spring of 1997, during an online chat, some of us became aware that we had some basic characteristics in common - love of Jack/Erica and head-over-heels devotion to Walt Willey and the character he was bringing to life for us every day, Jackson Montgomery.  That continues to be the case even to this very day, several years later.  We, The Jackson Posse:

Are convinced that Jack and Erica belong together and always have. 

Basically loathe every other romantic relationship Erica's been in since first meeting and falling in love with Jackson.  There has not been a relationship that has ever come close to the depth, love, maturity, humor, intelligence, chemistry and passion that Walt/Susan have given fans each time that they've been paired together on the show.

And we are willing to do whatever possible, as fans, to support and promote Jack & Erica's love story.

It was that willingness to take previously unexpressed feelings and opinions and turn them into actions that gave rise to the term "The Jackson Posse".  Our posse would "ride", so to speak, wherever necessary to promote or defend our favorite couple.  That concept, coupled with the fact that our Walt Willey and his wife have a bed & breakfast-farm in New Mexico, made a western theme too obvious to pass up.  As time passed, we discovered that we had other common interests and consequently some of us have become close friends.  We consider ourselves blessed to have found each other and will remain close friends no matter what happens with Jack and Erica.

When we were 2 years old, in the spring of 1999, we created a mailing list and opened up membership in the group to those not on AOL.  In the years since then our membership has skyrocketed - despite the various and sundry ups and downs of our favorite couple's relationship during those years.  That doesn't surprise us in the slightest, however, as  we are convinced that Walt Willey, his character Jackson Montgomery, and this couple are beloved by astute All My Children fans of all ages. If you are one of them, please join us.  You are far from alone :-) Watch out, however, because the fun is contagious and addictive; before you know it, you'll be out there on the "prairie" with us, decorating your own wagon and selecting your Jack-fetish ;-)


Our Walt, looking very "Posse"