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Jack and Erica's Talk With Lily


Jack and Erica had a touching discussion with Lily before their wedding. Read on as they assure Lily of their love for each other and that this marriage will last a lifetime:

Jack: Sweetheart, no one is going to break any promises to anyone.
Reggie: Yeah, because we won't let them.
Jack: No, I love -- we love each other. We're totally committed.
Lily: But that's what Erica's other husbands must have thought, too.
Erica: Lily, you're right. I didn't keep all my promises.
Lily: You broke your promise nine times. Why did you lie?
Erica: , I -- a broken promise is not the same as a lie. When I said those vows, I really wanted to honor them. But -- things happened and sometimes I was to blame, but sometimes I wasn't.
Lily: So you divorced Bianca’s dad before he died, didn't you? Why?
[Finding it difficult to explain, Erica looks at Jack and flashes back to the first time Jack entered her life.]
Man's voice: Ms. Kane?
Erica's voice: Yeah?
Man's voice: There's a gentleman here to see Mr. Montgomery.
Jack: But I'd be just as happy to see you.
[Back to the present]
Erica: The first time I saw your father, I knew that I had met someone very special.
Lily: Did -- did you get butterflies?
Erica: Lots. But even though we loved each other, Lily, it just -- it wasn't always easy and sometimes our timing was just terrible.
[Erica flashes back to the time her husband caught her in bed with his brother.]
[Back to the present]
Erica: And I can be a little demanding.
[Another flashback recalls the occasion of the trial that lost Erica custody of Bianca.]
Jack: I'm prosecuting you the same way I would prosecute anyone in your position.
Erica: But I'm not just anyone.
Jack: I cannot back off on this case. I can't do it.
Erica: But everybody has what they want. Everybody but us. We're miserable and it's all because of this horrible case. Jack, we are being torn apart when we should -- we should be together.
[Back to the present]
Jack: You know, it wasn't all Erica's fault. I walked away from her more than once.
[It's Jack's turn to remember the past]
Jack: I'm sorry. But you and me -- it's got to end.
[Back to the present]
Erica: Lily, we both had other loves, but we never stopped loving each other.
Erica: Well, there were times I thought I lost you forever.
Jack: You could never lose me. Not a chance. You're as much a part of my life as Lily is, because you know what? You took root in my heart the day I met you and you will live there until the day I die.
Erica: Jack.
[Back to the present]
Erica: Lily, your father and I have known for years that we were destined to be with each other.
Reggie: It's that whole "meant to be" thing, huh?
Erica: Yes.
****Lily: But what if you -- one of you finds another love and you walk away again?
Erica: No. That will not happen this time, Lily. Our love is absolute. This marriage will last a lifetime. ***
Jack: Sweetheart, you remember you and I discussed divorce when your mom and I split up, right?
Lily: Yes, but that was one divorce, not nine. How do you know you won't get another divorce? Look what's -- look at the frequency of the occurrence of the event. So far Erica's statistical history of divorce is 100%.
Erica: But love changes those odds, Lily. Life throws a lot of variables at us, but true love is constant.** I have been searching my entire life for what's right here. This man and this family -- this is everything I ever wanted. ***
Lily: How do you know for sure?
Jack: Oh, come on, look at me. I'm the complete package, right?
**Erica: Your father slipped into my heart the first time I met him. And no matter what has happened between us or how far apart we've been, we always end up here, together, and stronger than ever.
Lily: Then why did you call off the wedding before?
Erica: Because I was afraid.
Reggie: No way.
Erica: No, I was. I've made a lot of mistakes, Reggie, and I just -- I definitely wanted to get this right. And I have. I know now -- I know that when a great love comes along, you might make some mistakes and you might even stumble a bit. But you'll never escape it.
Jack: And you mean that in a good way, right?
Erica: I mean that in -- I mean that in a forever way.
Lily: Until death do you part?
Jack: Maybe not even then. I have loved this woman for so long, I'm never letting go. Lily, you could say, in some ways, Erica here -- she's my heart.
Erica: We don't have to worry about the future. And we don't have to be afraid anymore, because we have each other. And we are going to love each other for years and years and years. And that's a promise I'm going to keep.


The Kane/Montgomery Family