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Walt & Susan Interviews


It's been a tough time to be a "Jerica" fan these last few months because they, and their fans, have not been treated very well. However, Susan Lucci & Walt Willey never let us down as you will see by these interviews (both in Video and print) over the last few weeks.  From the first day we saw them meet one another for the first time, we all knew how special this was going to be and over 25 years, he is the ONLY man left standing in her life. She and Jack are soulmates and maybe we'll see them back together sometime in the not-to-distant future. Until then we will watch our videos  and remember how these two people captured our hearts

They discuss their favorite Jack/Erica moments over the years

soapsdotcom interview

They talk about their relationship in this one. This is one of my favorites and I wish it had been on video


Just the title of this one got me.

Susan Lucci and Walt Willey have made Erica Kane and Jackson Montgomery a very popular daytime duo.  And while Susan is the face of daytime soaps, it is hard to imagine life without her on our television screens as Erica Kane. I asked them, after so many years together, what would they want to say to each other as this show winds down?  It ended up being one of those moments I wished I had captured on film. Willey started, “I came into this as an extra in a movie theatre scene on AMC when they debuted Raising Kane. And to think eventually I became the paramour, and the one that people want to go off into the sunset with Erica Kane!  That is an honor.  From a kid from the Midwest, and to come out and hang out with this woman is a huge deal.”  Susan then responded, “First of all, Walt has been incredible.  It has been a joy every single day. And I grew up in a small town myself, and it is thrilling to have given this a try in show business, and being received so well by the audience and my fellow actors.  Walt and I never had a bad time.  We have had such a trusting relationship.  The sad thing is, if Erica Kane had the ears to hear and the eyes to see she would recognize that this is the great love for her, but she is wounded.  That is part of a good thing, that she never got fixed. We are always rooting for her going, ‘Will she get it?  Will she finally get it?’ Sometimes, I am on the set and I look across and see this handsome man and I go, ‘My goodness.  This handsome man, plays opposite me.  How flattering that they think this is the right one for Erica.’ And how lucky I am and how dopey Erica Kane is that she doesn’t realize it!”(Laughs)

Susan Lucci admitted that there should not be a definitive ending to AMC, “Like all great novels, it’s going to end with some cliffhanger. And like if you are reading a novel, you go, ‘Well, then what happened?  Well, did they get together?  Did they stay mad?’  So there won’t be things tied up in a bow.”  Walt Willey chimed in: “I talked to Agnes Nixon just a few days ago. I asked her, ‘What are you going to do Agnes?’  And she said, ‘Well, I am not going to tie everything up in a bow!’  And God bless her. I don’t think she really thought anything was going to be over!  Agnes knows things that none of us know.  Her storylines come out and they are not ripped from the headlines … the headline are ripped from Agnes!” (Laughs)


This is one with various cast members but lots of J/E and Susan/Walt.

AMC Cast Farewell


A mention of the French Maid Outfit